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What is Pre-Approved Mortgage?

Pre-approved mortgage refers to an assessment by the lender that decides if you’d qualify for the home loan or not. Also, it demonstrates the size of the loan you can take. Getting pre-approved is the initial and foremost important stage that you need to pass to get home loan, but it doesn’t guarantee the loan. To get the house, you need to attach the pre-approval letter with the offer to give seller idea about your seriousness.

Getting Pre-Approved for Mortgage?

To get pre-approved for mortgage, you need to go through a formal process. The first and foremost step is to find a mortgage lender. is one professional mortgage loan provider, offering loans at the low-interest rate. Once you get in touch with the lender, he is going to ask you a couple of questions related to your financial history. To document your income, you will need to provide bank statements, paystubs and tax returns. And, if you are a freelancer or a business owner, then the lender will evaluate based on taxes paid for past years. After income comes assets and liabilities, your credit report will demonstrate your debts and property, or savings will tell about your assets.

This basic information is highly important to run a credit report. If your provided information matches with the loan guidelines of the lender then he/she will issue pre-approval letter that states that the lender is willing to provide you the home loan.
The process of getting pre-approved may get up to 2-3 weeks. However, the valid period is 60-90 days

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When it comes to getting pre-approval for a mortgage, having right professional is important and it makes a huge difference.

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What’s the difference between getting
pre-qualified vs. pre-approved?

Bottom line

You get to experience a different and overwhelming feeling when buying your own home for the first time. But sense of accomplishment comes when you finally get a nicer place, approved loan and negotiable contract. Getting through the process of mortgage pre-approval is itself a big achievement! Let us help you attain your financial goal.